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Glorious day on Dartmoor

Posted: Mon Mar 16, 2020 8:21 pm
by Tom Brearley
A beautiful early spring day to take the GT on a more adventurous shake-down drive:

(1) Exeter to Okehampton via the old A30
(2) A386 along the western edge of Dartmoor to Tavistock
(3) Across the moor via Two Bridges, Postbridge and the Warren Inn where I managed to get a coffee just before they shut at 3pm and sit outside taking in the russet heather dappling the yellow hillsides under a deep blue sky.
(4) To Mortonhampstead, Steps Bridge, return.

Seventy-five miles in all and a perfect day for it: not much traffic and almost no one in front or in the rear view mirror. The first two roads are ideal for the B being fast and flowing with increasingly dramatic views as Dartmoor approaches. The road across the moor through Two Bridges is picturesque but serpentine. There’s a 40mph limit, sheep and geese doing their best to get themselves killed and an improbable number of huge drain covers right where the N/S wheel wants to be. The stretch down the gorge to Steps Bridge is fun though. (They used to hill climb on the adjoining road – unmade - down to Fingle Bridge.)

Passing through a small town I overheard a bystander saying “Listen to that," so maybe I’ll keep the exhaust as is with the bomb centre section... It's loud for cruising but does sound good at 2000 – 2400 rpm.

No mechanical issues, other than hot rear drums due to over-adjusting them yesterday. I slacked them off lying on my back in a lay-by. The wide open Webasto didn’t blow away. The rear end still bucks around like an unbroken horse but it adds interest to corners. How nice to be spending some money on petrol at last and not just on parts!

Re: Glorious day on Dartmoor

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2020 9:23 pm
by Ian Fozzard
You lucky man!😊

Ian F