Number Plate Rules

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Number Plate Rules

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I read this on a Land Rover club forum today and it is genuine.
It's been always assumed that once a vehicle has been taxed as historic then black and silver number plates can be fitted. When I ordered a set in 2016, for the Land Rover, the supplier entered the registration number into his computer which contacted the DVLA and was given the ok.
However, this was never the original idea and now DVLA have changed the rules. It's not retrospective because there are too many vehicles on black and silver plates so the rules apply to vehicles manufactured o or before 1/1/80. When a vehicle becomes historic, if it's constructed after that date black and silver plates will not be permitted. Effectively the cut off date of 1/1/73 for black and silver plates has been extended to 1/1/80.
The registration number on the Land Rover and MGB GT are 1963 ones with no year letter. The black and silver plates suit the Land Rover but I have the black and silver plates from the Tornado Talisman that donated its number to the MG, and they don't suit a rubber bumper B so I'll leave the reflective plates on.
This ruling is the DVLA 's way of getting out of the hole it's dug without too much embarrassment.
Number plates bearing the EU symbol are not permitted to be fitted now, but this isn't retrospective either.
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Re: Number Plate Rules

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Thanks for sharing that. A sensible change to the rules.
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