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Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2021 4:14 pm
by Remyd
I am going to tackle fitting new fabric to the headliner in my 1971 mgb gt.
I've removed all the old one as it was discolored and damaged so now I am left with the metal. I understand that the front and side headliners are glued straight on the metal but when I checked the fit today before I start, the pieces seems a lot bigger than the actual part of the roof they are supposed to be glued on. I know that they probably need trimming but seems to be a lot of trim!
Also, there was a thin long strip of material glued to the metal where the window ends in the boot by the C post. The replacement that I got from MGOC kit seems a lot shorter than the one removed.
Has anyone got any experience in this matter?

I hope that it all makes sense!