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Gearbox Crossmember

Post by ERO1972 »

Does anyone have some advice to installing the rubber bushes into the upper and lower brackets of the Gearbox crossmember ? Thank you, Rich
Ian Fozzard
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Re: Gearbox Crossmember

Post by Ian Fozzard »


Rich, this has been the subject of several threads on this forum, the link above should take you to one of them.
Also try searching for "gearbox cross member"

There is also a link to an interesting and useful article from the US forum "MGExperience" - included in the link above.

It is a tricky area to get right!!

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Re: Gearbox Crossmember

Post by Tom Brearley »

I don't want to discourage you but it's the worst job I've ever done on the car!

Paul Hunt's website has details of the various versions of the x-member used over the years, and of the DIY modifications that make fitting easier. It's quite a dense website but full of good info.
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