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Peter Cresswell
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Re: MOT Exemption.

Post by Peter Cresswell » Sun Jul 07, 2019 8:56 am

Hi Dave
'V5c says 'historic ', so no MOT required.'
This is not necessarily true at VED exemption is from Date of Build and MOT exemption is Date of First Registration. Owners of very late MGBs need to watch out for this as they were obviously built before the factory closed in October 1980 but they were not released for sale until January 1981 and some were still for sale unregistered in 1982.
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Vic Butler
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Re: MOT Exemption.

Post by Vic Butler » Sun Jul 07, 2019 6:44 pm

Pete, I've checked the official Government site and MOT exemption applies from the build or first registration date and so, provided DVLA have the correct year of manufacture on their records then MOT exemption is the same as for historic tax classification.
My BGT was built in October 1977 but registered in February 1978. I sent a Heritage certificate to DVLA who amended the year of manufacture to 1977 which is the year which will be taken into account when applying MOT exemption.
Anyone who has an MGB registered post 1980 is advised to apply for a Heritage certificate and forward it to DVLA to have the manufacturing year amended. This can be done any time. I had mine amended in July 2017 so on 3/4/18 (1/4/18 was Easter Sunday) I visited the Post Office and changed the taxation class to historic and taxed it because it was on SORN with absolutely no problems whatsoever.
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