Folding Hood Frame Screws

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Ruabon Red
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Folding Hood Frame Screws

Post by Ruabon Red »

Hi all,

Hoping someone can help...

Do you know where I could source spare screws for the folding frame as indicated below?

I have two missing ones so finally understand where the annoying rattle was coming from! :D
Many thanks in anticipation
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Charles Farran
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Re: Folding Hood Frame Screws

Post by Charles Farran »

Might be worth speaking to MGB Hive as i see they have various screws under their fixings section. I don't recall seeing them listed as separate items elsewhere. If you can remove one of the remaining ones , that would enable you to determine head profile, length, diameter , thread (UNF or UNC etc.). Most threads on the MGB are UNF although there are some notable exceptions.
No doubt breakers such as "Welsh MG" could probably assist.
1980 Roadster
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Re: Folding Hood Frame Screws

Post by whitestu »

I've got an old frame from a 1980 car that I don't need. Not sure if it has the same screws but I can have a look.
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