1/2 inch socket with 1/4 inch drive

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1/2 inch socket with 1/4 inch drive

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Like many other people I have modified my gearbox cross member so that I can fit the mounts to the gearbox first and them fit the cross member. One of the things you have to do is drill 2 access holes through the cross member. When doing this I drilled the smallest holes I could get away with and then ovalled them.

During the first lock down I had the engine and gearbox out to change the speedo worm drive. This resulted in many while I am at it jobs. One of these was stripping and refinishing the gearbox cross member. With 2 thick coats of epoxy primer followed by 2 coats of Upol Raptor my 3/8 inch socket extension was too tight in the hole to give the articulation required.

Not wanting to damage the paint I looked into the availability of 1/2 inch sockets with 1/4 inch drive. I found them for sale but only as a pack of 6. 6 sockets the same size! Who wants that.

So now I have 5 sockets I don't need and I am trying to make space in the garage for another toy. If anyone would like one please let me know. Happy to bring them along to one of the events this year or send it by post at your expense. I think large letter second class is 96p.
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