Electronic Ignition, yes or no?

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Ian Fozzard
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Re: Electronic Ignition, yes or no?

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Agree with you completely Peter. A good original set up (Distributor Doctor supplied mine) does not need regular adjusting, and anyway will continue working even when out of adjustment.

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David Witham
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Re: Electronic Ignition, yes or no?

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I have been using electronic ignition in MGBs since about 1980 when I bought a Mobelec Magnum. In recent years I changed to Powerspark a) so I could get rid of the finned grey box and b) because I thought it wouldn't last for ever.

Just in case I have a spare distributor with points already gapped stowed in the spare battery box. (The spare battery box had been panelled in.)
Dave Linkson
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Re: Electronic Ignition, yes or no?

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Yes, had electronic module and now have a CSI electronic dissy installed for a number of years and works well.. never had a failure with electronic ignition, but replacement parts quality for points ignition have become unreliable with aftermarket condensers (capacitors) failing early.. as you say, you have memories of being under the bonnet a lot, an electronic ignition takes away the problem as well as points adjustment, virtually fit & forget, a good upgrade..
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