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Hello from new member

Post by Neil_C »

Hello all, been lurking for a while but just joined and saying hello to all on this very helpful forum having recently acquired a Mallard Green chrome bumper B-GT.

This is my third GT over the years, so although I've dabbled with various Sunbeam and Rover classics, clearly I have a bit of a weakness in this regard. First up was a canary yellow 1978 rubber bumper, then a flame red 72 GT, now a 68 in Mallard Green. Not perfect by any means but a lot of fun a and plenty of potential to bring it back to former glory!
B-GT 1968 Mallard Green
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Paul Scott
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Re: Hello from new member

Post by Paul Scott »

Welcome to the MGB Register Forums Neil.


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Charles Farran
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Re: Hello from new member

Post by Charles Farran »

Welcome Neil.
MGs do get under the skin. Many times i have considered selling & buying either an older MGB or Triump but stayed with the same one for 40+ years (after previously ) owning a midget!
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