MGBGT door hinge problems

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David Askew
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MGBGT door hinge problems

Post by David Askew »

I am eventually starting to put my BGT back together and before fitting the doors I have noticed the driver and passenger door top hinges are quite stiff to move and the lower ones have some up and down play in them. I seem to remember being told the up and lower hinges are different but both look the same to me. Are the hinge pins available for DIY repair or is there a firm in UK that could do this? Are the upper and lower hinges different? I did look at the BMH website and found their hinges at £90 each, a total of £360 for four a bit steep ! Any help or advice gratefully received.
David Askew
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Ian Fozzard
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Re: MGBGT door hinge problems

Post by Ian Fozzard »

David, I can't answer your questions directly, but if the part numbers for the hinges are different then it suggests top and bottom are not identical (and vice-versa of course).
I've not had to replace the door hinges on my '72, they do seem very long lasting. Even if you have a little play in the lower hinges I think you should be able to brace one hinge against the other and get a satisfactory hanging of the door. Make sure you lubricate them when off the car - can be difficult in-situ.

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Re: MGBGT door hinge problems

Post by ChargedAutoGT »

Hinges up/down are same on CB different on RB.

on CB door just flies open when pushed or catching a gust of wind. The bottom hinge on RB has 2 sprung metal plates that create the 'modern' 2 stage opening door.

all are interchangeable. I just put RB lowers on my CB. helps in car parks. but i feel that the opening angle is a bit smaller now. but not problematic.

door pins are available in USA to import. these fit. dorman (38400, 703-264, 703264). you will need a hydraulic press.

But a floppy hinge may be wear in the casing and not the pin. commonly case goes first on the B. the hole for pin wears to be oval.

I just paid for 4 new hinges. Mine were terrible when they came off. worse than I ever imagined.

I do have a very good lower RB driver side for sale in the for sale thread in 'lots of MG stuff'. It was to go on my car and I misplaced it . only found it when i had put new ones on.
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