Replacement Tyres

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Replacement Tyres

Post by Charles Farran » Mon Feb 04, 2019 5:47 pm


I am looking to replace (staying with the same profile) my Goodyear Eagle NCT 185/70 88H tyres shod on Minator 14J wheels. I bought these on a wheel & tyre deal from Brown & Gammon on a Silverstone weekend some years ago & am looking to replace the tyres purely due to their age as there is plenty of tread left. When i changed to these from RO -Styles shod with orig profile i was amazed by the improvement in overall handling of my otherwise (apart from upgraded brakes) standard performance RB roadster.
I am aware that tyres produced more recently ,whether made by the same manufacturer or not, do not exhibit the same characteristics with the side walls being more flexible etc.etc as a consequence of having to meet changing regulations. (There have been various articles on this issue in the MGOC magazine in the last couple of years - indeed one of the writers had the same Goodyear tyres as me).
The current tyres give very predictable & stable handling both on fast corners & in a straight line. I would say i am a spirited driver following the maxim of "safety fast". I would not be using these for track days.
My mileage is not more than 2000 per annum & tend to only use the car on the road from Spring through to late Autumn so a winter tyre is not required!
I would be interested to hear any views & recommendations having posted a similar thread on the BBS site.

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